Our Menu
Breakfast for you
Sourdough bread, avocado, Arugula, tomato, feta, poached egg and Gastronome's vinaigrette.
Delicious baked dessert made of cottage chees and sultanas. A very light, healthy and perfect with a cup of coffee or special tea.
$11.00 per serve
Freshly baked traditional slavic buns with four fillings to choose from:
Beef | Cabbage Potato | Mushroom
German sausage
Finest Grilled German Bratwurst with sauerkraut, onion & sauce.
National Ukrainian soup
Healthy hot beetroot soup made with a fragrant beef broth and vegetables. Served with sour cream, traditional rye bread and pork lard.
Mashed potato cake stuffed with mushrooms. Served with sour cream and dill.
Light and tender Pelmeni, bursting with delicious natural ingredients. Served with sour cream and dill.
Enjoy our selection of vegetarian Vareniki.
Stuffed Capsicum
Bell peppers filled with a minced veal, mixed with rice, flavoured with herbs and spices, slowly cooked in a savoury tomato sauce.
Cabbage rolls stuffed with veal mince, cooked in savoury tomato sauce. Served with dollop of sour cream, rye bread & dill.
Beef stroganoff
Sauteed pieces of beef in our cream sauce with mustard grains and pomegranate molasses served with buckwheat, gluten free grain-like seeds
Cottage cheese, basil & Garlic.
Zolotaya Ribka
Salmon & Philadelphia cheese. Served with dill.
Gourmet Crepe
For a special treat try Red Caviar Blini. Served with dill.
With Beef. Served with sour cream and dill.
Sweet cottage cheese & sultanas.
Sladkaya Skazka
Choose topping: Jam | Nutella | Caramel | Honey | Chocolate | syrup
Hungarian Goulash
Delicious beef stew with a rich paprika seasoned broth. Served with buttered bread.