Coffee & Hot Drinks

Flat White
Coffee Latte
Long Black
Chai Latte
Hot Chocolate $0.3 extra
Mocha $0.3 extra
Small $5.00 | Medium $5.70 | Large $6.30

Short Black $4.00
Piccolo $4.50

Extra shot $0.50
Decaf & Syrups $0.80
Almond, Soy, Lactose Free milk $1.00
Babychino $3.00
Ice Coffee $6.50
Pot of Tea $6.50
Milk shake $6.50
Oat Milk


Soft Drinks

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Discover our coffee that is made of Aromas beans and award winning MILKLAB barista milk. Everything is designed to guarantee you the consistency of the quality, freshness and flavour of your coffee. Now OAT Milk is available