Our Cakes
Honey Cake
Hand made Honey cake is very popular across East European countries.
Black Forest
Layers of chocolate sponge soaked in Kirsch Brandy, with a Kirsch flavoured cream chocolate mouse and sour cherries decorated with fresh cream and chocolate shavings.
Esterhazy GF
Traditional Austrian cake with layers of Hazelnut meringue sponge combined with hazelnut nougat and butter cream glazed with fondant.
One of the most popular cakes in Slavic countries, made of very thin and flaky puff pastry cake layers and a smooth vanilla custard cream with a touch of rum.
Layers of spiralling puff pastry tubes filled with sour cherry, layered with aerial white cream and dusted with chocolate. You will be blown away by the design inside the cake and the taste!
Lady's Whim
lt's а delicious 4 sponge layers cake. Рорру seeds, apricots, prunes and chocolate moist sponges are tied together with а caramel flavoured and truly divine cream.
Poppy seeds sponge with cheesecake layer, cherry mousse. Made with pure cherry juice.
Two airy layers of meringue with cashew nuts, vanilla buttercream filling and chocolate buttercream. Gluten free, contains nuts.
Soft light cake base, tart cherry centre, topped with nutty crumble. Sweet and sour goodness.
Yagodka GF
Orange/almond sponge with lemon filling, lemon curd and white chocolate ganache. Gluten free contains nuts. Made with real lemons and oranges.
Chocolate and caramelised honey thin layers sandwiched with fluffy sour cream filling.
Hand Made Apple Strudel
Coffee flavoured Italian dessert. Ladies fingers dipped in coffee, layered with whipped mixture of cream, eggs, sugar, mascarpone and chocolate.
These and more cakes are available in our lovely cafe. You can also order a special cake for your special occasion. Contact us on 0734 204 061.